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How Can We Help? 


Let's meet and determine what specific services you need and the scope of your project. This meeting is free! 

* We can create an Organizing Plan for individuals who want to tackle a project on their own.  

* We are pros at helping people downsize! We can help you make tough decision and love your new space.


* Decluttering and Organizing services for any - or all - of the following spaces:

Whole Home

Home Office

Professional Office



Laundry Room



Storage Room



Linen Closet

Storage Shed

Work Vehicle

* Create better systems to help you stay organized!

* We can deliver items to be donated or consigned.

"In short, Margie is fantastic.  When my husband and I got married she helped us combine our households and did a beautiful job in organizing our home.  All of our closets look beautiful and are well thought out in terms of the placement of items.  Margie has that rare combination of empathy, being able to help clients make decisions and keeping things moving forward.  She’s a hard worker, kind and talented in many areas including organization.  I highly recommend Margie Witt’s services.”


Let's walk through the garden and see what needs some attention. This meeting is free!

* We can create a custom landscaping plan with a scaled drawing, list of plant options, plant mature sizes, and care requirements. 

* Just need a landscape refresh? We can do that too! Let us prune, mulch, weed, and spruce up!

* We can install seasonal annuals in the garden or create beautiful containers and window boxes to make your home gorgeous.

* Have no idea what plants you have or how to care for them? We can create a Plant Care Guide which will give easy-to-follow instructions in calendar form. You'll have a green thumb in no time!

* Want to add some new plants but have no idea what to select? Let's go shopping together! We can take the stress out of a visit to the nursery and find the best plants for your garden.

* Need a whole new landscape? We can help with that too!

" Margie designed and installed the front yard landscaping at our first home and we loved it. After we sold and moved to a larger home down the street, she designed a unique landscaping that fit the new house perfectly. 

We would recommend Better Design to anyone looking for great curb appeal."


Ready to sell your home and want to get the most from your sale? Let's meet and see what services you might need. This meeting is free!

* We can create a Staging Plan if you want to try to stage your home on your own.

* Stage the entire home (inside and out).

* Declutter and help pack items to be moved or stored.

* Provide moving and storage resources.

*  Planning an Open House? We can help with final preparations and a staging refresh.

* Vacant home staging.

"Margie brings her knowledge, style, insight, and skill to each undertaking.


Her passion and professionalism make each project pop with success and her grace and humor make her a pleasure to work with."


Custom plans: $250.00

Hourly charge for Organizing, Landscaping and Staging:

For larger or whole-house projects, pricing can be adjusted or an estimate can be provided. 

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